Coronavirus FAQs - Searoad Ferries
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Coronavirus FAQs

What is Searoad Ferries doing in response to the Coronavirus outbreak?

Searoad Ferries is monitoring the ongoing situation and working closely with the relevant authorities.

Safety of our customers and colleagues is our top priority and we are following all the advice and guidance issued by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Australia’s Department of Health. We are emphasizing the importance of frequent hand washing and good personal hygiene.

Our Operations Team is assessing the likely impact of COVID-19 on our services.

What are you doing to prevent the spread of Coronavirus?

The official advice highlights that the most effective way to avoid contracting the virus is to wash your hands with soap and hot water. Searoad Ferries is therefore reminding customers and staff of the importance of hygiene such as frequent hand washing through notices in bathrooms. We have increased the number of hand sanitizers on our ships and in our terminals.

For further detail please visit 

Can car ferry customers stay in their vehicles during the crossing?

Drivers and passengers can remain in their vehicles for the entire crossing, should they choose.

Are you screening customers before they board Searoad Ferries?

The Government is not advising transport companies to screen customers as it is not an accurate way of detecting people with the illness.

What are we doing to clean the vessels?

Staff clean and sanitize the ferries after every sailing, including the wiping down of surfaces. The ships also undergo secondary cleaning and sanitizing overnight.

Are you asking customers if they have travelled to the countries most affected by the outbreak?

As we carry around 900,000 people annually, it is impractical to ask everyone where they have recently travelled.

DFAT are are advising people who have travelled to countries such as China and northern Italy where there have been a considerable number of cases to monitor your health for 14 days after leaving that country. If you develop a fever or cough, seek medical advice urgently and isolate yourself. For more information visit - 

I want to know more about how Coronavirus will affect my journey.

See the Department of Health website for more information about Coronavirus and advice for travellers

You can call the Coronavirus information line on 1800 022 222 and you can email to ask us any questions related to ferry travel.