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Coronavirus FAQs

FAQ's regarding updated restrictions from Wed 8 July, 11:59pm

How can the ferry still be operating between a lockdown area (Mornington Peninsula) and a non lock down area (Geelong and the Bellarine)?

The car and passenger ferry service is an essential service for essential travellers and freight. The timetable has reverted back to the Stage 3 lockdown timetable of a two hourly service.

Can I travel on the ferry enroute from Regional Victoria to Regional Victoria?

Yes you can. (eg. Travelling from Geelong/Ballarat to Gippsland/Phillip Island) According to DHHS’s website (new restrictions):

 If you need to travel through the Melbourne metropolitan area and the Shire of Mitchell, you can. You should plan your trip so that you don’t need to stop in an impacted area unless it is for one of the three reasons.

Can I travel on the ferry to visit the Mornington Peninsula or the Bellarine?

You can travel between Queenscliff and Sorrento for one of the three reasons according to the DHHS’s website (new restrictions).

Are there any additional requirements to purchase a ticket or prove that this is essential travel?

No, however, passengers must not travel unless they have a valid reason as per the DHHS’s website (new restrictions).

What precautions are being taken on the ferries since the Mornington Peninsula lockdown?

The timetable has reverted back to a two hourly service for essential travel and freight. The following safety measures continue to be strictly adhered to –
• Hourly cleaning and sanitising of the vessels and terminals to additional cleaning and sanitising overnight
• Hand sanitisers throughout the vessels and terminals
• Social distancing encouraged through announcements, furniture placement and barriers
• Option to remain in vehicle
• Online bookings for contactless boarding
• Contactless payment

Coronavirus FAQ's

What is Searoad Ferries doing in response to the Coronavirus outbreak?

Searoad Ferries is monitoring the ongoing situation and working closely with the relevant authorities.

Safety of our customers and staff is our top priority and we are following all the advice and guidance issued by Australia’s Department of Health, the Victorian State Government and World Health Organisation (WHO).

What are you doing to prevent the spread of Coronavirus?

We are committed to the safety of our customers and staff and have implemented the following measures to keep everyone safe –

 Hourly Cleaning and Sanitising of the vessels and terminals

 Additional cleaning and sanitising overnight

 Hand sanitizers throughout the vessels and terminals

 Reminding customers the importance of hygiene through notices in bathrooms.

 Social distancing encouraged through public announcementsfurniture placement, barriers & floor decals

 Plenty of open deck space & fresh air

 Option to remain in vehicle

 Online bookings for contactless boarding

 Contactless payment

 Protection screens between customers & ticketing staff

 All staff trained in Department of Health COVID-19 Infection Control


For further details and up-to-date information about Coronavirus please visit

Can car ferry customers stay in their vehicles during the crossing?

Drivers and passengers can remain in their vehicles for the entire crossing, should they choose.

Are you screening customers before they board Searoad Ferries?

The Government is not advising transport companies to screen customers as it is not an accurate way of detecting people with the illness.

What are we doing to clean the vessels?

Staff clean and sanitize the ferries after every sailing, including the wiping down of surfaces. The ships also undergo secondary cleaning and sanitizing overnight.

I want to know more about how Coronavirus will affect my journey.

For more information on Coronavirus you can call the information line on 1800 022 222.

Or to ask us any questions related to ferry travel  please email